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effff [Sep. 23rd, 09&7:04 pm !!]
I have about a week to decide if I'm going to spend next semester in florence. :( I don't want to go but I know it may be a wonderful thing for me. There are a lot of things which could be worth staying here for and Florence could eff my GPA and my course plans and errythang.

this is a rhetorical rant. bahh one weeek bahhhh :(

(no subject) [Oct. 5th, 07&12:37 am !!]
[Current Mood |rejuvenated]

I feel so uplifted! I feel like I shake off doubts I have had about myself more and more each day. I felt like my life was on a downward slope, however lacking in steepness it was I still felt it, and it transferred over to how I saw myself. And I thought I had so much to regret all the time because I listened to every piece of criticism people gave me and and I took it to heart, wondering what I really had to live for. I love that everytime I sign on to livejournal to look around I have so many new stories to tell! I never get around to telling them because it always seems out of place because I don't know who I'm talking to and part of me still thinks I know what they're thinking, but I'll say that I'm in love with college and life right now-- and I guess that's the most remarkable story of all.

i love this video [Aug. 15th, 07&2:17 am !!]

(no subject) [Mar. 7th, 07&12:52 pm !!]
I am in for great shock next year, when my classes once again begin requiring that I think. School is sooo boring. On top of that, I'm constantly looking upon things with such complete cynicism that I feel really awkward when I remember how I used to consider things. I get more comfortable with being sad as my time at Parker runs out. I'm having an identity crisis.

And I've slipped into such a feeling of uselessness that I couldn't remember where I have applied, so I had to look through tons of papers:

Santa Clara University
University of San Diego
Loyola Marymount University accepted
St. Mary's College of California accepted with mula
University of California: Irvine, Davis, San Diego, Santa Barbara
University of San Francisco accepted
Elon University
University of Virginia
University of Madison-Wisconsin

I've only gotten 3 notifications. Anyone want to tell me where to go??? Someone, please shed some light on this situation. please?
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