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(no subject) [Dec. 29th, 05&10:28 am !!]
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my mind has been bursting with thoughts lately!!!! and ive been entirely too busy to post-- what a nightmare!?! ive been too busy this break, and overwhelming too busy for someone who didn't travel out of sd. and i didn't even read the books i wanted to read, the ever piling stack, only because i read all the Dan Brown polytheism thrillers. *is POed* and now i wallow in self-pity because they meant nothing to me and i have more things to do before break is over. and i still to work on that permit thing and everyone is breathing down my neck, myself included. my life is just a sad story, but yall should read Deception Point because its funny: 500 pages of cheap dialogue and creative government scandal.

christmas was fun, dinner was yummy since my mom went astray from the italian tradition to make some marinara for those less inclined to eat sea food. my parents spent way too much money on me. i didn't complain...but hercule! i got an ipod, which so far i guess im not that impressed with. i got the grease soundtrack. and i needed it so bad, thank god!!!! when i really like music i always end up buying the CD, because its like a respect thing for me. normally ill pop in the DVD and jus

a couple weeks ago i had a freudian slip where i shouted, in all seriousness, "but im only ten years old!" since that incident i decided i need to spend less time with sally (the resident ten year old). but then again, oh well, ive always been a bit childish/insane.
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(no subject) [Nov. 8th, 05&12:28 pm !!]
yeah we look nearly the same, but everyone has ended up resuming some sort of pretentious self-assertion.
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i have officially become a recluse [Feb. 12th, 05&9:35 am !!]

available in friends only
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(no subject) [Jan. 25th, 05&11:13 pm !!]
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